Sunday, February 14, 2010

Glass Etching Video!

Here is a glass etching video! I hope you all enjoy watching it. You all have a good week.

Cartridge I used:

Wedding Solutions to cut (heart).


  1. Hi ms judy...all of the valentines creations are just have been a busy little sweet that you added the video...I have a question...I did a video on one of my mini books but when I went it was going to take 2 hrs to download and i said forget you have any suggestions...I would love to incorporate some videos on my projects!

  2. OMG I love this and cannot wait to try for myself! Hope I can find the etching solution here (sigh)
    I'm now following you via Welcome Wednesday? Hope you will like my blog too and I would also love to feature you on my blog segment "Where I Craft and Sew"
    I'm sure to stop here often.
    My Blog:

  3. Hi Judy...this is just what I was looking for etching some coffee mugs I found at the $ store! Thank You so much for the video! Very helpful. Came to your blog via Sunday Social Party at My Turn (for us), I'm a new blogger, been doing it for 2 months now..I hope you come and visit me sometime! Lizy


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