Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Handmade Gift Box !

Hi all, Here is a box I made! This handmade gift box can be used for handmade A2 cards and evelopes or small writing tablets and pencils. This can be a gift for co workers etc. The box I made measure 1 1/2 depth by 4 1/2 width by 4 1/2 height. I used cereal box chipboard and I used grip - tac self adhesive decorating covering to cover the chipboard. I got the grip-tac at the dollar store 18 x 40 inch for $1.00. I like this grip -tac it makes it waterproof. Have a good day all!


  1. Hi Judy, I love your box! It is so darling and so cute - what a great idea for gifts for friends and the like. You are so creative. I'm so glad you love your Cricut. I need to use mine more and I believe YOU are going to inspirational in that! Thanks for the lovely comment you made on my blog - it is so much appreciated!

  2. Hey, Judy, great idea you got here! Will have to give those a try soon!


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