Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Flower ball #3!

Hello everyone and welcome to all my new followers. I never thought I would have almost a 1000 followers. I thank you all for being a follower:). I been working on a lot of these flower ball. I even made some for my daughter school to raffle off for Mother's Day. All the money they receive will help to buy something they need for the school:) My daughter goes to a private school and they love it when I donate my handmade items to them to raffle off. These have became a big hit here and everyone loves them and wants one:)

These flower balls are gorgeous! Here is the tutorial on how I made it. They are so easy to make.
Have a great day all and thanks for stopping by:)


  1. Congrats! I am number #1001 :)
    Following you via Welcome Wednesdays.
    I love meeting other crafty ladies.
    Hope you come by to visit.

  2. Awesome blog! Love the d├ęcor. I'm your newest follower :D luv if you follow back!

    cherie girl
    how to be fabulous

  3. checking you out from the blog hop!

    stopping by from
    come say Hello!

  4. Wow they are gorgeous! No wonder the private school loves when you drop stuff off!

  5. Love it! 36 years ago I wanted these for my bridesmaid's to carry. The florist said it couldn't be done. Ha!



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