Monday, January 25, 2010

A Happy 101 friend award from Barb!!

Hi all! I received this award from Barb. Barb is such a sweetheart and so talented, I get a lot of Inspiration from Barb! She always leaves wonderful comments. Thank you! Barb for being a good friend!

Rules for this award:

List 10 things that knocks your sock off....and pass it to (3) blogs that do the same.

1) God for blessing me with such a wonderful life.

2) My husband he is a great family man and I love him so much.

3) My first born. My son he has became a wonderful and responsible adult.

4) My daughter, she is a miracle baby. I prayed and god gave me her. I thought I would never conceive after the tubal pregnancy. I was rushed to hospital I was preganant in my fallopian tube. My fallopian tube ruptured. I was bleeding in side. Lost five pints of blood. I had surgery to remove the tubal pregnancy and my fallopian tube. I was 40 when I had my daughter. She is a miracle baby.

5) My Mom, Dad, Sisters, Brothers and my friends for always being there for me.

6) You all! I have made some of the most amazing and talented friends in blogland.

7) My Cricut I love to create!

8) My Cricut DesignStudio and Gypsy I like to see what cut files I create.

9)I love going out to restaurants to eat!

10) Just life it's self.

Here are the (3) blogs that inspire me.

1) Michele, She inspires me because she shares her talent and shares her cut files!

2)Amy shares her talent and SVG cut files.

3)Lana, she was my first follower and she creates beautiful cards.

You all have a good day!


  1. Yeah! Congrats on the deserve reading your list...these awards are such a blessing as they help us get to know a bit more about the people in our scrappy world...I too had a tubal first...also had a terrible time after that and then God blessed me with 4 fabulous boyssss within 5 years...Isn't He amazing! I would never have guessed you at 40...wowzers...your one hot mamma! Hope you are having a great week Judy!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations Judy - a fine award for a fine person! I love reading all the things about you and your love for your family; that's great! You do great things with your Cricut too! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such wonderful words about the card I made for my mom; you are soooo nice! Thank you, Judy! ;D

  3. Hi Judy - Congrats on your award and thanks for passing it on to me. I am honored! :) Amy


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