Friday, September 2, 2011

More 3D flowers and RAK winner!

Hello everyone. I know you are all ready for the long Holiday weekend! I know I'm ready. This is the last weekend of Summer. All the beaches close on Monday. Where did Summer of 2011 go! I can't believe Autumn will be here in a couple of weeks.

Here is some 3D flower on note cards I made. This flower are so gorgeous. I been using this tool a lot. I love it! If you want to see how these flower are made. You can see right here. Here is another project I made with the tool. It is right here.

Here's how the back of flower looks. I hot glued a pin, a small piece felt and blue tulles to back of flower. I pinned the flower on note card. Sorry for the delay in announcing the winner. I supposed to post this yesterday but I forgot to. Here is the winner! The random chosen number is #1 and that is KPishKo. Please email me your snail mail and I will send you the items. Thanks to all who entered. I will be having another small giveaway soon:) Would you all like it to be handmade earrings or craft item giveaway? Let me know!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great Labor Day weekend all:)


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for the tip! I watched the video and I think I may buy some of these!

  2. These are really cute...I pinned it to do some when on a rainy day. You have such cute Ideas!

  3. Oh how mom loves things like that.
    I too cannot believe how quickly the summer has gone.

  4. WOW, those ate pretty flowers! I wish i was crafty and more creative.....:)

  5. Gorgeous 3D flowers. Happy Labor Day!

  6. dang cute! :) thanks for sharing!!!


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