Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Small Crochet Hand Sanitizer Bottle Holders!!

Happy Wednesday! Hope you week is going good. Click on blue link to see my crochet 8 oz hand sanitizers bottle holder. I got a request for me to make some crochet 2 oz hand sanitizer holder. I add a clip to these so they can be clipped to a purse or belt loop.
This small crochet hand sanitizer bottle holder is made the same as larger crochet one. The only difference on the small one is I sewn up both bottom side a few stitches. The hand sanitizer bottle can be  removed and replaced on sides of crochet holder.
Here is the back side of holder with loop and clip.
Here is the 2 oz hand sanitizer I put in holders. Got to go now. Make sure you stop back tomorrow so you can see my cute handmade felt mini mermaid requested by my daughter for some of her friends. :)
Thanks for looking. Have a wonderful week my friends! :)

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