Monday, September 14, 2009

Wood heart for a friend!

Hi everyone,

Here is a wood project I was working on today. I wanted to post so all could see it! This is my Daughter- In- Law, Grandparents. Her grandma lives in the Dominican Republic and she is here visiting in United States. She wanted one of these hearts with a picture of her and her husband. Her husband passed away back in August 2006. This is a beautiful picture of them both! The scallop heart, rose and I love you die cuts is from Potpourri Basket Cartridge. The regular heart diecut is from Plantin SchoolBook Cartridge.

Paint wood heart first, paint is from Walmart in crafts area. I used folkart acrylic paint (420 Linen) let it dry.

Wood heart is from Dollar Tree Store $1.00 for it.

Glue die cuts to wood heart with Plaid Mod Podge Gloss-Lustre (let it dry). You can get Mod Podge at Walmart.

Use a poly brush to paint the Mod Podge Gloss-Lustre over whole wood heart and die cuts (let it dry) that makes the diecuts and heart glossy and waterproof. You can get poly brush at Walmart.

Picture size is 2 X 2 inch (Laminate picture) If you don't have a laminater, use clear packing tape over picture that works too! This protects picture. Glue picture to project. Tie ribbon through holes and all done. I will be giving this to her later. I hope she likes it. Leave a comment if you like this wood project idea! Have a good day all! :0)

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